Could you advise what alternative treatments are there for a grade 4 glioblastoma brain tumor?

Many but not good. There are many proposed so called alternative treatments for brain tumors and not one has been shown to help a patient in any convincing fashion. If you have a brain tumor you absolutely should work with a physician(s) experienced in the treatment of these tumors. Furthermore, although some alternative treatments are harmless, some are not--and their use should also be discussed with your doctor.
Not many. Thus far, alternative therapy for gbm (grade IV glioma) has been extremely ineffective. I've had a few patients try other treatments over the years with disastrous results. The best treatment for gbm is to stick with proven methods. Vitamins, calcium, alkalinizing the blood, herbal therapy, etc all sound good but don't work at all. I hope this helps and wish you the best.

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What are some alternative treatments for a glioblastoma brain tumor?

Combination. I would never suggest fighting any tumor alone with alternative therapies but as combination therapy with conventional medicine; i would definitely add large quantities of food enzymes on an empty stomach with solid organic nutrition and i would add protandim to eliminate oxidative stress. Tag me in email thru my website and check protandim www.Medacpc.Com. Read more...
Burzynski. Dr. Stanislaw burzynski in houston texas has developed some agents called antineoplastins that can be used for patients with tumors. You can google his practice in houston. Read more...