How likely is someone to get the meningitis, hepatitis b, and flu vaccines all on the same day?

Yes. Assuming that you are healthy, there should be no problem in getting multiple vaccines at one time. Vaccines contain antigens, which train your immune system to fight off those infections should you encounter them in the future. Your body is able to handle many antigens at the same time.

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Are hepatitis B and flu vaccine required for nurses or can you opt out?

Why. Both entities can kill you and a nurse is at higher risk of exposure to both. The feds require that I offer Hep B free of charge to my staff and I require that they get the flu shot every year if they plan to work for me. If you are not interested in getting these vaccines, please stay out of the health care field. We don't need infected nurses spreading the germs to unsuspecting patients.
Employer dependent. Some employers require these immunizations as a condition of employment. Refuse the immunization, lose your job. Others may allow opting out based on religious grounds or for other reasons. The major reasons the immunizations are required is patient and employee protection. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!

I got the meningitis, tdap, and flu shot and now I feel ill?

Immunizations. Take Ibuprofen and drink lots of fluids.
What do you feel. When did you get the shots and what are your symptoms. You had tdap and meningitis shot but why did you have Flu shot. Flu shots are not being given in April Anyway drink plenty of fluids, take Tylenol (acetaminophen) for fever or pain and if keep feeling sick consult your doctor or go to ER.

What are potential symptoms of meningitis and hepatitis b?

Symptoms. Meningitis - headache, stiff neck, alteration in consciousness, confusion, seizure. Hepatitis b - jaundice, fever, enlarged liver, fatigue, enlarged abdomen due to fluid.