I suffer from hairfall, androgenic alopecia! Best treatment?

Rogaine (minoxidil) If you have been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia by a physician, then i would suggest you use rogaine (minoxidil) foam for men twice a day. I also advise patients to take vitamins such as biotin, not because it increases hair production but because it makes hair thicker and shinier and thus gives the appearance of more hair. Also, i would suggest talking to your physician about taking finesteride.
Your choice. My colleague has given you good advice. An even better option, whatever baldness rx you use or don't use, is to focus on overall physical fitness. This is a much more important part of good looks than having a mop like a teenager, and will enhance your physical health and get you respect and admiration from both sexes. Photo guy isn't complaining about being bald / hairy.

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I have androgenic alopecia. Will hairfall stop automatically later? Is dandruff related to it? What can I do help my hair along with applying minoxidil

Age 21? At about age 21, every normally masculinized man loses the hair on his temples. As he gets a little older, he loses head hair in the familiar pattern at varying rates. If you look around, you will notice that generally the more chest hair a man is naturally blessed with, the sooner he goes bald. In the U.S., shaving your head is considered super-masculine, but you have surgical and Rx options. Read more...

Can Stem Cells therapy Cure Hair Loss (male pattern baldness)? Is it approved by FDA? I am 28 yrs male, losing hairs from temple and crown.

No. Please do not waste your money on unapproved stem cell treatment. It may be causing you concern but baldness is a benign condition and you may try to live with it or get a hair piece. The so called stem cell treatment will not only cost a lot, will not help and may expose you to dangers of unapproved treatments. Read more...