My husband smokes and seems to always have a sinus infection-is this related?

Smoking & sinuses. Smoking definitely increases the incidence of sinus and respiratory tract problems, including infections. Smoke paralyzes the cilia (hair-like structures lining the respiratory tract) so they cannot sweep secretions/mucus/bacteria/viruses out of the system. Saline nasal spray (otc) can help temporarily flush the nasal/sinus passages, but smoking cessation is the definitive treatment.
Up in smoke. Smoking definitely increases your chances of getting any type of respiratory infection .
Smoking and Sinus. Smoking is commonly associated with stuffy nose, cough, sore throat and hoarseness. This is like breathing in a burning building. Best option is to quit smoking. I'll bet he snores too. Stuffy nose leads to mouth breathing and snoring. A nasal steroid spray would help. If not, he should have a sleep study. Go see his doctor.