Is it safe to wear my partial denture (4 teeths infront) upon delivery a baby? Thanks alot.

Yes. During your actual delivery it might be advisable to remove your partial however, in most cases they can be left in. Tell your OB and he or she will advise if it is necessary to remove your partial.
Yes/no anesthesia. Depending on the type of anesthesia that you will be getting for delivery. General anesthesia requires intubation through your mouth, in which having the prosthesis could be difficult and dangerous. If you are going to be awake, then you can keep your partial as long as it fits well and does not move at all with jerky unexpected movements. Good luck with baby!
Depends. If you are going to have general anesthesia and be intubated, then you should not wear it. If vaginal delivery and only epidural or I.V. Conscious sedation -- no problem. Make sure you give it to someone in the family in a case, so that it does not get lost.
Yes! As long as your partial denture is secure and you are conscious, i see no reason why you can't wear your partial denture during your baby's delivery.
Part. Denture . It is only safe if you are planning to have a conscious sedation procedure. If you will be put to sleep because of history complex deliveries, c-sections or other, i would not wear them. Ask your obggyn about it. She/he will be able to tell you more about what the delivery plans are.
Ask your obg. There might be a liitle of unsafety issue on that since in case of an emergency, that prosthesis will block the airway.
Generally no. Usually no. You never know if an emergency may develop and they have to intubate you or apply medication. The partial denture could become dislodged during heavy pushing and exertion. See if your doctor will allow you to have it bedside so as things subside you can put them in for pictures and receiving relatives. Congratulations!
Not recommended. I do not recommend it. If it comes loose it is a choking hazard. If you need to be intubated, it can interfere with the procedure.
Usually. While some pregnancies result in a pregnancy gingivitis, unless you have had swelling and/or bleeding of the oral tissues, you should be ok. Probably smart to see a dentist to confirm that oral health is stable.