I have mg. Can you explain the difference between cpap and bipap titration study. I am scheduled for both for my sleep apnea and mg.

Differences. CPAP is continuous and bipap is bilevel positive airway pressure. Bipap can be more helpful with neuromuscular disease than traditional CPAP alone because it can help with breathing mechanisms, particularly helpful in folks with a combined functional muscle or nerve problem. Both mechanisms, the breathing structure has to be in place as opposed to sv/st ventilation type of bipap.
1 vs 2 pressures. CPAP is like hanging head out the window of a moving car--it just blows air at you, making it easier to inhale (mainly). Bipap monitors the air direction created by you, and it alternates between a higher pressure while you inhale (to make that easier) and then drops to a lower pressure setting, in theory so it is less work to exhale against it. Most patients can tolerate either, just prefer c / b.