Is it better to put for my baby to sleep in a cradle or a bassinet before I move him to a crib?

Why wait? There is no magic age for transitioning baby to a crib. If you have it ready when you return home, you can start day one. Many use bassinets or cradles as a transition since the anxiety of new parenting wins out over simplicity. Baby av monitors are available and ease the job of keeping up with baby. Babies may develop a more self directed sleep program if they don't deal with parent snoreing etc.
If the home has room. If there are two rooms in the home (one for the parents and one for the baby), the baby can sleep in a bassinet next to the parents' bed until the baby is 3 months old. At that age, the baby can move to his own crib in the other room. This way, if the older baby wakes up at night, he doesn't see the parents . . . And he learns to go back to sleep without needing to interact with the parents.
Either works fine. Both bassinets and cradles serve as temporary sleep locals for newborns until they are ready to transition to a crib. Whether parents choose one or the other is a matter of personal preference rather than a stoic medical recommendation. Safety is less of an issue now that newer models have sufficient base and slat width and wheels locks. Be sure to check manufacturer's infant weight limits.