Do papillary and follicular thyroid cancers secrete thyroglobulin?

Yes. All cells of thyroid origin secrete thyroglobulin. Measuring it to follow a cancer ONLY makes since if the whole thyroid has been removed. If you have anti thyroglobulin antibodies, that makes thyroglobulin measurements unreliable. However, rising or decreasing anti thyroglobulin antibodies can be a proxy for thyroglobulin measurements.
Yes. Thyroglobulin is produced by both types of cancers. We use thyroglobulin immunohistochemical stains to identify thyroid cancer cells that have spread outside the thyroid to other parts of the body. Thyroglobulin is a blood test used to monitor for recurrent or residual cancer, although it can be high in other conditions which damage thyroid cells like thyroiditis.

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Thyroglobulin was checked in april was. 6 I and a papillary thyroid cancer patient. When should I retest the tg?

Depends. Different people test at different times, and there is no one right answer. Having had a thyroidectomy, you should be good and a test every 6 months to a year should be good. You should have your thyroid monitored at least every 6 months if it is stable. I see you have had trouble with that in the past. Sometimes it is difficult to regulate in a person with a thyroidectomy. Read more...
Variable. Most patients get thyroglobulin checked every 12 months. Every 6 months if there is a worry. I think a trend of increasing levels would be more worrisome. You and your doctors may discuss getting a stimulated level as well as radioactive iodine scan by making you hypothyroid or some may feel getting these tests with thyrogen stimulation could be done. Read more...