What is lateral hernia in colon?

??? Not sure i understand the question. Are you talking about a hernia in the lateral abdominal wall (muscles) that is filled by the colon? Or a hernia in the wall of the colon itself -- because that is not a typical way of describing a colon problem. There are diverticuli that are weaknesses in the colon wall that bulge out, but I have not heard these called herniae?
Hernia. Could be a miscommunication. Is it a hernia with colon inside the sac? Or a defect in your colon? If you had a colonoscopy or colon imaging recently, okay to ask your doctor for more details. If you had a hernia evaluation, your doc may have reported the hernia has a sliding component or bowel in the hernia sac. Absent fever, vomiting or severe pain you are okay to check in with your doc.

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ER doc said I have a small intermal hernia, lateral to my colon I have had much pain on left side is this the cause what can be done, help please?

Need more info. What is described as an "internal hernia" is a very unusual condition. I would need much more detailed information from the radiologist & to see the the films. Have you had prior abdominal or pelvic surgery? Some things seen on a CT scan are true findings & some are incidental findings of no importance. Review your test results with a doctor to see if you need a referral to see a surgeon. Read more...