Guys with eczema problem taking primrose oil, possible?

Does not. Prime rose does bmp not help everyone. Please see your dermatologist for evaluation and to discuss treatment options.

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Does primrose oil help with eczema?

Doubtful. The studies done on evening primrose oil treatment for eczema have been inconclusive. In other words, no consistent benefit has been shown, and given that it can cause headache, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, and pregnancy complications, i wouldn't recommend it. Talk to your doctor about management options that are effective. Read more...

Eczema can be treated by taking evening primrose oil? Is that true? Some doctor says yes some no. Why?

Honestly Doctors . Havedifferent ideas thus the need for 2nd or 3rd opinions. Most drs are not familiar with uses of herbal meds thus the conflicting advice.My take is it's safe to use evening primrose rose for eczema since it's extracted from a plant. If there's no improvement with these herb, go see your dr or dermatologist for an accurate dx. Read more...