I have a crown that feels too bulky and would like to get a new one done. Would it effect the tooth structure under to get a new one?

Can the bulkiness. Be reduced and the crown polished. Sometimes just a minor adjustment can solve the problem. Certainly would be a lot cheaper. In terms of having a new crown fabricated, no real harm done if the crown had to cut off and re fabricated - hopefully no recurrent decay present. Best to consult with dentist for options. Hope this helps.
Bulky Crown. Depending on what the material is the crown may be able to be recontoured. However, if the there is still an abundant amount of tooth structure underneath the crown, that maybe causing the bulkiness? You may have to have the tooth reduced some to get rid of the bulkiness? Anytime you have a tooth worked on there is always a chance the nerve may not like and may die. Be careful.