How long do you need to be exposed to carbon monoxide to develop carbon monoxide poisoning?

Not long. Carbon monoxide has a high affinity to the hemoglobin molecule, not allowing the oxygen molecules to bind. Exactly how long before one gets carbon monoxide poisoning depends on many factors including the health of the individual exposed and the concentration of the carbon monoxide. Avoid exposure by never burning anything inside a house (bbq, etc.).

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How long does carbon monoxide poisoning stay bound to hemoglobin?

Long time. Carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin 200 times more tightly than oxygen. It is quite likely that the red cell with carbon monoxide bound hemoglobin will die out before it loses carbon monoxide. Read more...

What are the long term effects of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning?

Includes: Some develop a parkinsonian appearance mimicking true parkinson's tremors and rigidity. Cognitive problem such as memory loss and poor organizational skills may occur. Incoordination and imbalance may be problems, and chronic headaches are not uncommon. Read more...