What are vitamin a rich foods that needed to be avoided during pregnancy? I know beta carotene format is the best

NONE! It is important to have adequate vitamin a in pregnancy- not enough can cause fetal growth retardation & blindness. The only hazard is more than 10, 000 iu of preformed a in the first weeks of pregnancy. It is virtually impossible to get that much from food- one would need to have 22 servings of milk, 40 eggs or 42 servings of salmon every day to get that much vitamin a!

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Is it ok to use rose hip oil and vitamin E oil during pregnancy? I heard rose hip oil is high vitamin a. Is this beta carotene based?

Yes. No more than 10, 000 iu of preformed vitamin a should be taken during pregnancy but preformed vitamin a is only found in animal foods (meat, eggs, dairy). There are no vegetarian sources of actual vitamin a- any "vitamin a" said to be in those foods are from carotenes and those are very safe in pregnancy. See http://www.Care2.Com/greenliving/is-vitamin-a-safe-for-pregnant-women.Html. Read more...

Balanced diet during pregnancy now that aversions are gone. Vitamin has vitamin a from beta carotene only and no choline. 14 weeks. Deficiency?

Should be ok... A normal healthy pregnant woman eating a balanced diet and taking prenatal vitamins, in the United States or similar developed countries, does not need to worry about vitamin deficiencies. If she has a pre-existing disease that causes nutritional problems, then her ob-gyn and a nutritionist can investigate to see if changes in diet or supplements are needed. Read more...