Has anyone ever been on cimetidine (aka tagamet) to help get rid of flat warts?

Yes. Unfortunately it does not work. Too bad.
Warts. The cure rates in the U.S. Study are impressive, even better than those in the turkish study. The main difference between the two may be in patient selection: unlike the placebo-controlled trial, the open-label study did not require a minimum of five warts. Placebo-controlled trials are useful, especially for warts. Taken together, the studies suggest that Cimetidine may not be better than placebo.

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I'm treating my plantar wart with aldara (imiquimod) and tagamet. It's much less tender now but hasn't diminished in size very much. Is the treatment working?

Off label use . While they are both good treatments, studies have shown poor results with Aldara (imiquimod) for foot warts because the medication does not penetrate well. High dose tagamet is really indicated in the pediatric world because the adult dose required is extremely high. Laser therapy and electrodessication are effective and quick. There are better topicals like 5-fu and pyrogallic acid. Read more...
See your physician. These are powerful medications. Having less pain is a step in the right direction. Have you physician evaluate the area to compare it with how it was prior to treatment. Read more...