What causes one to get light headed and experience poor circulation in the hands and feet?

Could be many things. There can be many causes, such as low blood pressure or variations in the blood pressure when one changes position from sitting to standing (orthostatic hypotension), or low pulse rate (bradycardia). If symptoms are bothersome enough and don't resolve with simple maneuvers such as hydration and standing up slowly, i would recommend a physical exam ad blood pressure/ pulse check by our doctor.

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As a child I lost circulation to my right arm. I have bad circulation in both my hands, they always look red and swollen. Lately I get light headed?

Rule out vasculitis . I would recommend you get seen immediately. It sounds like you may have vascular symptoms that may or may not be Takayasu's Arteritis. I am concerned that you need to be treated immediately in person because your dizziness may reflect cerebral ischemia. Good luck. https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001250.htm. Read more...