Is it possible to be allergic to fish oil although I'm not aware of having a fish allergy?

Not likely. A true allergy highly unlikely because fish oil contains only trace amounts of proteins you are eating when having fish and that can cause severe allergies.

Related Questions

Is it possible to be allergic to fish oil if you have a fish allergy?

Possible. I would avoid if you have fish allergy. It may be specific protein of specific fish. If it is imperative you take fish oil, would make a visit to allergy/immunologist to see what options are.

If you have a fish allergy, can you take vitamins with fish oil?

Best to avoid. It may be safe, but it's best to avoid fish oil if you're allergic to fish. There are other ways to get omega-3 fatty acids from foods. Dr. Weill recommends fresh ground flax seed, walnuts, and walnut oil, although these omega-3 fatty acids aren't used by the body as efficiently as the ones in fish.

I had iodine constant 6 years ago and it nearly killed me. I want to take prenatal vitamins. Am I allergic to fish oil because of the iodine allergy?

Folate. Take folate, iron and calcium separately instead of a prenatal vitamin. Folate is most important since it protects from certain birth defects. In fact some obstetricians recommend folate alone instead of prenatal vitamins if you are healthy and have a good diet.

Fish oil breaks me out but I'm not allergic to fish, what could it be?

Fish oil. You could allergic to highly concentrated fish oil but not to certain kinds of fish. Don't use it.
Additive or gelatin. Some people are highly allergic to the gelatin capsule (which is made from animal source) and others may be to the additive or coloring of the capsule. Try liquid fish oil and see if this causes the same problem.

If we are allergic to fish and shellfish, can we still take fish oil pills?

Better not. There are vegetarian versions of omega-3 (dha&epa) supplements that are non-fish in origin google for online sources.

I have a mild fish allergy. Would it be safe for me to take krill oil? Should I be worried about fish contaminants? I am not allergic to shell fish.

See an allergist. Not sure what a mild allergy is, you can either develop an allergic reaction from fish or not and you should not risk an anaphylactic reaction if you are truly allergic. Best is to consult an allergist for proper advice about your fish allergy.

I don't think I am allergic to fish, but when consuming fish oil with 1000mg omega-3, I have itchiness mostly on foot. What's wrong?

Coincidence. It's either coincidence or you're allergic. Not all fish contain 1000 mg of omega 3. Omega 3 capsules may contain inert ingredients not found in fish. They're not identical.
Unusual. This would be an unusual allergic response. I would stop the fish oil and if there is no foot itchiness for a week or two, I would resume the fish oil and if the foot symptoms return, this would strongly suggest some sort of intolerance or allergy to the fish oil.

I got tested for fish allergy twice but negative, can I still have one to shellfish?

Yes. The proteins that the immune system recognizes are different for fish and shellfish, and so you can have an allergy to one but not the other. In fact, this is relatively common. If you think you have had a reaction to shellfish, see your allergist to discuss testing for the allergy.