How can I get my baby to stop resisting his crib?

Put him in it. Repetition and routine are the most important factors to getting your baby in the crib. Put him in whenever he sleeps whenever you can. Put him in for naps and nighttime. Put him in when he seems sleepy, rubbing his eyes. Stay next to him in the crib and give him support without taking him out. Talk to him and soothe him with your touch while in the crib, then extend the times you leave him alone.
Stay out of sight. From birth to about 15-18 months, a baby can be taught to sleep in a crib. After 15-18 months, some babies can climb out of a crib. From the beginning, parents should keep a consistent, unexciting bedtime routine, so their baby gets sleepy instead of stimulated. After putting the baby down to sleep, parents should stay where the baby cannot see them, if their baby is a hard-to-fall-asleep baby.