What are some good remedies for social anxiety, specifically in a high school environment?

Build Skills Now! Teens struggling w/ social anxiety might relate to this peer: http://ow.ly/EXqaH Much can be done 2 learn 2 manage & even overcome social anxiety. In general, it will involve facing feared social situations, conquering less feared ones & working up 2 more feared ones. It's impt 2 have an understanding of HOW 2 do this effectively. Learn more here: http://ow.ly/EXqIs Get teen expert help!
It depends. . . .On if we are talking a nervous, shy kid or a full fledged social phobia. If this person gets panic attacks, or avoids social situations at all costs, a psychologist may be in order for cognitive behavorial therapy. If not so severe as that, i agree with the above poster.
Society anxiety. If their is a family member or a childhood friend allow them to help you meet others, particularly positive people. There are others there that may feel the same as you. But also remember, that you are never alone, physically or spiritually.