Left shoulder blade pain going into neck. Swollen lymph nodes. Pinched nerve?

Not a pinched nerve. Pinched nerve does not cause swollen lymph nodes. Need to see a doctor . Could be infection of other lymph node related condition.
Referred pain. The lymph chains are connected, either that or you are having myalgias related to swollen lymph nodes. You should seek medical opinion for why your lymph nodes are swollen(? Viral prodrome).

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Neck swelling due to swollen lymph nodes for 4 years. Now having trouble swallowing. What could this be?

Throat. If the swallowing is happening with a fever get your throat looked at and cultured today. If the swallowing has been gradual in onset, see an ENT for an evaluation to look for things such as acid reflux and to evaluate the nodes. Read more...
See ENT MD. Swelling in the neck can be from several causes, enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged thyroid, thyroglossal duct cyst, and esophageal diverticulum. You should see an otolaryngologist, or ear-nost-throat specialist to evaluate the swelling and reason for difficulty swallowing. The treatment for each is entirely different. Read more...