Is xarelto a good drg for polycythemia vera along with phlebotomy?

Depends. Prv patients are advised to take Aspirin for clot prevention. Anticoagulants like warfarin or xarelto have specific indications such as treatment for a blood clot or stroke prophylaxis in heart disease. I would not use it outside those indications because of greater bleeding risk vs aspirin. No published data on xarelto in prv but should be ok for proper indications.

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I have been diagnosed with polycythemia vera and have been receiving regularly scheduled phlebotomy. Is a WBC level of 21 an immediate concern?

No. The original criteria for diagnosis of polycythemia was an elevated white count. It depends on your age and comorbidities. If age greater than 65, heart disease, one should consider using hydroxyurea. This is a medication which lowers the white count, hemoglobin and platelet count. Hope this helps. Read more...