Can modulus mismatch in hip replacement be caused by trauma?

No. No disrespect but the question does not make sense. Modulus of elasticity is a material property and a mismatch of that would depend on implant choices but what does that have to do with trauma. I need more info to understand where this question comes from.
Modulus mismatch. This is a biomechanical term that pits the stiffness of a biomaterial (hip implant) against the bone in/on which it rests. This is not likely to change after trauma. However, the implant could be dislodged/loosened by trauma and cause pain. Also, there could be a stress reaction or fracture that could be the cause. Finally, infection could be present and difficult to diagnose. See your hip doc.

Related Questions

What could cause someone to require a double hip replacement at 43?

Multiple causes. Rehumatiod artiritis a severe degenerative joint disease trauma congenital dislocated hip wearing away of the cartilage abnormal acetabulum (the socket) and more.

What are the causes of loos femoral component after total hip replacement?

Depends. Loosening of a hip prosthesis can be septic (caused by infection) or aseptic (mechanical loosening). Finally, traumatic (i.e. Fracture from fall) may also cause loosening. Your surgeon may order special blood work or radiology tests to determine the source.
Wear debris. The most common cause of loosening is from the reaction of the bone to the wear particles from the metal and plastic implant. All mechanical devices produce wear particles and your hip is no exception. These particles case a resorption of bone called "lysis". Loosening can also be caused by infection. Sometimes a fall can cause a fracture around an implant and this may loosen the component.

I had hip replacement on july 19, 2012 I conceived on july 11, 2012 could this have cause the hydrocephalus in my baby?

Nope. It is highly unlikely to be causal, you probably had some short acting anesthetics and narcotic pain relievers during your stay, hydrocephalus in babies has a variety of causes, most often prematurity, but very often is " idiopathic" meaning we don't know the exact cause. Hope you and the baby are well!

What is the average life of a hip replacement? What causes them to wear out?

Hip prosthetic life. Today's hip implants should last 20 to 30 years. But factors such as activity and patient size may shortened the life expectancy.

Syncope fell onleft hip shoulderhead intense pain. 5week hip replacment on right side. Could this fall cause issues with hip replacement?

Yes. A fall onto a replaced hip can lead to a fracture around the implant. If after a fall, your replaced hip doesn't feel "right", give it a couple of days. If it is still hurting more than a bruise, it would be prudent to see your PCP or the orthopedist that replaced your hip. An x-ray will be definitive.

What could cause dislocation of hip replacement revision 10 weeks post-op? Good 6wk check. No fall involved.

Many factors. Many factors play a role in a post op hip dislocation specially after revision, poor soft tissue envelope, week muscles position of the components. Need to be properly evaluated so corrective action can be taken.

I've had hip replacement 8 years ago, and am now experiencing pain in the rear of the hip and down my leg. What would cause this pain?

Sciatic nerve pinch. Based on it's location, the pain is most likely due to compression of the nerve root as it exits spinal canal (at the level l5-s1). The test, that is most revealing, is MRI of the lumbar spine. Consider visit to pain specialist for evaluation and treatement.

Does continued use of prednisone cause you to need a hip replacement?

Yes it can. Extended use of Prednisone is associated with a condition called avascular necrosis, which can cause rapidly worsening arthritis of the hip. Of course the arthritis can be ue to other factors as well.