Some time when I woke up mornig my back and neck hard to move why?

Previous 24 hours. Many times this senerio relates to activity in tthe previuous days activities. If you have been doing something that inflames the joints or muscles you may not have noticed while you are active and when you sleep the inflammation effect are noticed as the active movement ceases. It could also be your mattress . Try other mattresses and try 800 mg advil (ibuprofen) prior to bed.
Many answers. Depending on your age, certain arthritic diseases could affect the back and neck in the am such as ankylosing spondylitis if you are a young male or osteoarthritis if you are older. Simple answers such as a bad mattress of poor pillows also could be a source. It may be best to talk with your physician about obtaining some plain xrays of the neck and spine and then moving on from there.