I've been taking a statin for a month, mainly to raise HDL and lower glucose. No ttl cholesterol or heart problems. Should I add co-q-10 to the mix?

No statin needed. Statin drugs deplete the body of coq10. Anyone taking a statin should take coq10 but i prefer managing glucose and HDL with diet & exercise. They are very effective.
You can. There seems to be some good synergy between the 2 products. Uh, by the way, statins may actually have some effects on sugar control and new onset diabetes, according to a recent study. They are extremely important drugs for primary and secondary prevention of heart disease and strokes, so keep at it. Just watch ur pie hole and exercise!

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Can a statin be used I for heart problems other than high cholesterol?

No. Heart problems come in a lot of varieties like rhythm and rate irregularities, damage to the heart muscle it self, infections and many other causes. A statin is not indicated for these problems only as an adjunct to lower lipids that contribute to arterial blockage. Read more...