The nurse told me my test for celiac came back as a partial positve. Does that mean I have it or not?

Possible. The blood tests are screening tests. They can support or not suggest the diagnosis, but sometimes the results are not specific. A biopsy of the gut is the "gold standard" to make a firm diagnosis. Talk to your doctor about the next step in diagnosis.
Will try to get info. I will try to get more information on this for you from our gastroenterologists on healthtap. Please be patient. Many are still in the office> thanks for your question.
Which test? Celiac evaluations come in lesser or greater degrees and the reliability of the test is variable. A simple blood test for antigliaden antibodies may be positive in lots of people who do not have the disease( it is a screening test).I believe the gold standard is an intestinal biopsy during a full evaluation that finds definite signs of the disease. Clarify the above with your dr.
Celiac Disease. Hearing that from the nurse isn't particularly helpful and why you came here. I would ask for the full test results. There are multiple antibody tests for it, but there are also lab abnormalities, such as an anemia that can result from poor absorption of nutrients. As hard as it might be, the best way to figure out if you have celiac is to trial a gluten free diet.
Maybe. A lot of auto-immune diseases maybe misdiagnosed with these antibody testings that are not definitive and do not fit the picturei if the test was randomly performed, i wouldn't automatically diagnose you with celiac disease. A colonoscopy is indicated to confirm diagnosis when the diagnosis is obscure.