My 2 month old baby just got diagnosed with disconjugate eyes. We have an appt set up for him. What are the lifetime effects?

Crossed Eyes. At 2 months of age, the most likely explanation of "disconjugate" gaze or "crossed eyes" is simple developmental delay of muscle balance, which will usually resolve spontaneously. If the crossed eye gaze is only intermittent especially when the infant is tired, then it is probably benign. If the crossed eye appearance is the same all day long, then may be strabismus that needs surgery.
Perhaps none. Almost all babies are born with weak "extra ocular" eye muscles. Over the first 2-4 months of life theses muscles get stronger and the eyes appear more symmetric. (the light reflecting off the eyes and the "red eye" in photos is symmetric). If not, having an ophthalmology exam will rule out a true eso (inward) or exo (outward) phoria. Eventually visual acuity in the affected eye may worsen.
Wait til four months. Baby spent first 9-10 months of her life in the quiet peaceful darkness of the womb. Didn't need to exercise eyes. For the first few months, she may have some deviation of eyes. Should normalize by four months. If not, then see ophtho. An old army trick is to watch for the reflection in eyes. If the reflection is at same spot, even if one eye looks to be 'off', they are conjugate. Dr j.
Possibly None... ...If it is properly treated and corrected as most are. See a pediatric opthamologist for proper attention. If every goes well, this may be totally normal, although it may take some time. Untreated, it can lead to essential blindness in the bad eye.
Lazy eye? Normal not to move together always until 4 months. If one eye doesn't move at all (?Paralysis), one eye can develop blindness. Two eye sight gives us depth perception (throwing a ball, driving a car, walking stairs, ...).