How can I get good sleep?

Sleep. Have a quiet hour before bedtime. Turn off all electronic devices including television. Listen to soft music, take a warm bath or read a a light ficton story.
Sleep hygiene. Practice sleep hygiene: keep you room a little on a chilly side, warm shower before bed, bedtime routine: no tv, or anything stimulating, no heavy meals. If you can't fall asleep, get out of bed and do something really boring until you feel sleepy and then go back to bed. Go to bed and wake up at the same time.

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How can I get a good sleep without waking up throughout the night?

Behavior modifying. One place to start is practicing good sleep hygiene. Keep your sleep pattern consistently structured, avoid napping, use bed only for sleep or intimacy, and avoid lying in bed long periods without sleeping. If falling asleep is troublesome because of trouble turning off your thoughts, relaxation and imagery techniques are often helpful. For more help with these make an appointment with a therapist.
Sleep hygiene. I agree w dr. Altman about the importance of using good sleep hygiene. 1. Keep a regular bedtime & wakening time (to include weekends). Get up the same time each day, regardless of what time you fell asleep. 2. Make a regular, relaxing bedtime routine. Relaxing rituals prior to bedtime may include a warm bath or shower, aromatherapy, reading, or listening to gentle music. 3. Sleep in a dark, >>.

How can I get back into a good sleep cycle for school?

Melatonin. If you have to change your sleep cycle, then I would take some melatonin for a couple of days 10 min before you need to go to sleep. It's the same chemical your body makes to make you tired, and will help you reset your clock. Its over the counter and I would take 1-2 mg. If they only make 3mg then you can cut them in half. **.