Related Questions

At 21 I was diagnosed with guillain barre syndrome. Now ar 29 they are testing for graves disease right now. Could that cause me to relapse again?

Unlikely. Testing for thyroid disease is not going to cause a relapse of guillain barre. Autoimmune thyroid disease is usually not associated with the syndrome either.
Posssibly. Any auto immune disease can effect tissue that had prior damage regardless if all the symptoms went away. Keep all your appointments and share your concerns with all your doctors.

2 years ago I was on Zyprexa. It caused tingling in my lower legs and feet when walking. Climbing up & downstairs I had leg weakness. Guillain-Barre?

Very Unlikely. The reports of Zyprexa causing Guillan Barre Syndrome a serious neurological condition is highly suspect and unlikely in my opinion. And you are talking of having taken Zyprexa 2 years ago and was never diagnosed with this serious condition and your symptoms of leg weakness and tingling are so non specific. I will say it is highly unlikely. If you have any symtoms now consult a neurologist.

What are the common symptoms of guillain-barre?

Weakness. A relatively rare condition usually starting with progressive weakness of the lower extremities and weakness of facial muscles. Or other cranial nerves. It can spread to upper extremities and involve respiratory muscles. Pain is also a common feature of the affected muscles. Other sensory symptoms and bladder problems are uncommon.