Is tramadol used for long term treatment of back pain from bulging disks in the thoracic spine?

Tramadol. Use of tramadol should be limited to 5 days. The main concern with long-term usage involves gastrointestial problems such as ulcers and gastritis.
Tramadol. Tramadol is a prescription pain medication. It is an synthetic opioid medication. It is effective in some chronic pain patients. However, medication as a sole therapy is not as effective as more comprehensive therapy.
It can be but not . Ideal. Has no anti inflammatory effect so it won't put you at risk for ulcer or upset stomach but acts only as pain killer. Need to address if not exercising, smoking &/or overweight. Get those issues corrected & look to consider other meds like : cymbalta, gabepentin, Lyrica (pregabalin) & possibly NSAID like Meloxicam along with a ppi or anti-ulcer med with it to minimize GI side effects if no med issues.

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I had a MRI of thoracic spine. I have protroshion at t7-8 and bulging at t6-7, 10-11. Would this cause upper middle back pain?

Possibly. If MRI findings are at the same level where you feel pain, this is 'good clinical correlation, ' meaning there is a high likelihood these lesions are the cause of your pain.This is not, though, a guarantee that the bulges are a cause of your symptoms.Rib or vertebral dysf unrelated to the bulges can cause similar pain & thus should be looked for as they are easily fixed by osteopathic manipulation. Read more...
Maybe. Unfortunately mris often provide more information that is relevant. It is not uncommon to find abnormalities on MRI scans that have no connection to someone complaint. The concern with disc herniations is the possible nerve compression that can result. This often causes referred pain and not pain where the disc abnormality is. The doc who ordered your scan needs to go over it with you. Read more...