Get sharp pains when I have sex sometimes in sertain positions. Verrry sharp pain and makes me want to cry. What is it? Penis not very big. No ruf sex

Pain with sex. It appears that your pain is out of proportion at this time. This can signal that something is wrong. If you have heavy periods and painfull could signal endometriosis. If this got to the point where bothers you i recommend seeing and ob/gyn specialist. If there is endometriosis ocp may help but it takes long time and is not always succesfull. So go and find out what is going on.
Cramps during sex. I had a patient that had cramps after sex that were due to the prostaglandins in the ejaculate. Her pain was better taking advil (ibuprofen) an hour before sex. There could also be an organic cause, so i would see a gyn to rule that out. Also if you do not have these cramps when pregnant, then a birth control pill may do the trick. I hope this helps you some. These are just thoughts.