3mm nodule on right upper lung no change MRI 2008/2011. Can this just be an age thing you know how some things grow on you as you get older.?

PPD/quantiferon gold. Would suggest getting a PPD and/or a quantiferon gold blood test checking for any possible exposure to TB as this can cause small nodules.
3 mm nodule. Nodules stable for 3 yrs are almost certainly benign, especially 3 mm nodules. Most people will have some nodules in their lung. I question whether these were truly seen on MRI as this is a poor test to image the lungs (which are always moving). Are you sure it wasn't a ct? I would recommend no further testing if this is truly stable for three years. Even PPD is overkill unless you have symptoms.
No, but. It's probably an old scar from and old infection. I would probably recheck in a year, but if you're otherwise feeling well and have no new issues, no change in 3 years is a good thing.