I have a slipped disc at l5-s1. Sometimes my back becomes stiff and I cannot move about very easily. What meds can I take?

Exercise more than. Meds. Need to be proactive in terms of daily exercise program: flexibility & cardio along with core strengthening while limiting prolonged positions like sitting which generates 4 times body weight across the discs of the lower back. Get a good night's sleep. If a smoker stop & if overweight, lose some pounds. Can try otc meds if no medical reasons not to use: ibuprofen, naproxen, tylenol (acetaminophen) etc.
OTC NSAIDS. Over the counter meds are the best for occasional lbp from a herniation. I rec 2 aleve and two tylenol (acetaminophen). Warm moist heat and extension exercises may also be helpful. A core exercise program is best .

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What are best treatment options for l5-s1 slipped disc with numbness and shooting pain in entire leg.

Radiculopathy. Description is consistent with nerve compression in the back, and this could be handled with physical therapy, exercise, even a brief course of oral steroids, and maybe local epidural steroid injection. If disc desiccates and shrinks, could take 6-9 months. If increase in pain, or weakness, and any bladder involvement, surgery would be best. See a spine surgeon and discuss options. Read more...
Multilevel . Physical therapy, nsaids, cessation of tobacco and avoidance of aggravating factors is a start. However, since there is shooting pain in the "entire leg", the disc is likely irritating more than one nerve root (s1, l5, and possibly l4). Lumbar epidural steroid injection may be beneficial. If not readily available, a 7-14 day Prednisone taper can be tried but less effective. Surgery may cure it. Read more...