I've started to use a gentle toothbrush, but will it still help remove plaque?

Brushing technique. You will remove plaque and be kind to your teeth, gum and surrounding bone as long as you have a good brushing technique with bristles at a 45 degree angle going into the gum area between teeth and gingival tissues. Good technique and constant brushing after meals will keep your teeth clean.
Soft Brush. 1) use a soft manual toothbrush. 2) place the brush where the teeth and the gum join together. 3) move the brush in circles. 4) do all teeth this way on the face side and the tongue side. 5) follow up with a water pik spraying water in circles same places. 6) now get a good cavitron cleaning from your dentist to get off what you cannot get off because it got too hard when you did not clean right.
Yes. Many dentists recommend the use of children's toothbrushes because they are smaller and can reach teeth better and softer so they don't cut the gums. There are also good adult toothbrushes which provide more gentle cleaning. The important things for people are using the appropriate toothpaste and the correct technique to brush. A qualified dental hygienist can help guide adults to effective ones.