70 year old woman with pulse of 143 and heart pounding. Blood pressure is 81/51 since I took three metropolol due to my heart beating fast.

Go To ER Now. Given your age, rapid symptom of fast heart rate and low blood pressure- i suspect a heart rhythm problem, most commonly atrial fibrillation. The faster your heart goes, the lower the blood pressure due to less time between beats to fill up with blood. It does not sound as if your pulse is slowing down with the extra metoprolol. This needs to be evaluated further quite promptly.

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When I lay in the bad I feel my heart pounding. Ecg, eco, blood work ok. Blood pressure 120/80 heart rate 75. Age 25. I am scared for this. Thanks.

Rate? Count the rate. Pay attention to whether it's regular or irregular. (at your wrist, neck, chest, or arm). If it's 100 while you are resting, see if your doctor can order a 24 hour (holter) heart recording to determine what rhythm your heart is in. Most likely, you've simply become aware of your heart - felt best when lying left side down. Read more...