Possibly having ankle surgery, haglunds w calcification in achilles. Should I get 2nd opinion? Suggestions for ways to evaluate possble complications?

Yes. As with any surgery is always a good sound advise to get at least 2.
Surgery. Second opine is always helpful complications may include infection, continued pain, scarring, etc... Ask your surgeon to review the risks and complications, benefits and alternatives to surgical intervention. The timing for this surgery hinges on your ability to commit to a complication free recovery period. Dr. H.
Achilles anchor. A true haglund's deformity can usually be removed without interfering with the achilles tendon because it is at the superior lateral part of the heel bone. A calcification in the achilles tendon usually occurs at the central part of the back of the heel bone just above the achilles tendon insertion. If the calcification is large and there is also a spur deep to it, the tendon will need an anchor.
Maybe? You should have confidence in the physician who is planning to perform surgery on you. Ask questions in terms of what to expect and what risks you might be undergoing (all surgery comes with risks). If you aren't sure about anything you need to verbalize these concerns preoperatively and if you feel you haven't gotten good enough answers, perhaps you might get a 2nd opinion to allay any fears.
Haglund's surgery. As stated , you should have confidence in your surgeon. Ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. I always have my patients back for a q; a session after i explain a surgical procedure. Good luck.
YES. Ask about blocks, frequency of failed blocks. Use the best answer. Don't use general. You may need continuous blocks for seveal days . This is the best pain control and the least sedation. Blocks should be done with ultrasound except ankle block which is used for foot surgery not ankle surgery. Many anesthesia people do not do blocks. Go elsewhere. Nausea is less, back to work and recovery faster.