I want to have a baby really bad what can I do to get pregnant faster?

Getting pregnant. Simple: get healthy (no smoking, recreational drugs, excess caffeine, extreme sports), monitor ovulation and time sex. Compex: after 6-12 mo then see fertility specialist, get tested, have treatment if needed, use ivf if not pg, consider adoption or donor eggs. We have many ways to help.
IUI or IVF. It depends what caused your infertility. Please email me your medical history or schedule a phone consultation with me at 949-788-1133. I believe that we may help you get pregnant within 3-6 months. Dr. Frank.
Timing of ovulation. Most important factor is timing of intercourse to ovulation. Most reliable non invasive way is to use an ovulation predictor kit. However if not pregnant within 6 months (if woman is older than 35) to 1 year (if younger) then it is recommended to consult a fertility specialist for at least a baseline investigation to see if there is a problem.
Be patient. Conception is sometimes easy and sometimes very hard. Be patient, and take your vitamins daily. Basal body temperature charts can help to decide when to have intercourse.