I'm bleeding. Very heavy with lots of blood clots and back pain with sharp staving like pain in my stomach could it be a miscarriage?

See or call your doc. You need to get evaluated as soon as possible. Hard to say what it is without examination but it's not normal and need evaluation. Please call your doc or go to the er. Good luck.
Could be. Could also be ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, etc... Need to get evaluated asap.

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Is having rib pain/back pain & big blood clots a sign of miscarriage?

?? Need more info, such as menstrual cycle, missed periods, pregnancy test, ... So, if presuming that you are/were pregnant, then the above symptoms are certainly concerning for a miscarriage.

3 weeks late on period. Feeling back pain nausea&fatigue. 3 days ago brown discharge next day light watery bleeding next day heavy tick blood clots?

Delayed periods. Can happen once in a while, make sure pregnancy test is negative if indicated. Expect heavy periods. If happens more than 3 cycles in a row see a physician. Warm pack in back and advil (ibuprofen) 2 to 3 only till pain is there if not contraindicated will help.

What to do if I have severe cramping, some blood clots and heavy bleeding. Is this a miscarriage?

Bleeding & Pregnant. If you've had a documented positive pregnancy test this could be a miscarriage based on the symptoms you're describing. Immediate consultation with your ob/gyn is warranted to determine this and to ensure that it is not an ectopic pregnancy.

For two weeks Iv been having heavy bleeding n blood clots I fill a pad up within 45 min to a hr no cramping just discomfort did I have a miscarriage?

Urgent! You need to be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible. It doesn't matter wether it's pregnancy loss or another cause, such blood loss not only makes you anemic but lowers your resistance to infection. See your doc now!