My foot has been numb for a month is it neropathy?

Could be... Symptoms of nerve damage can range from a numbness and tingling sensation, possibly a burning sensation, to an uncomfortable painful sensation of the extremities. For some, these symptoms are mild, while for others, they can be severe and disabling. Neuropathy can develop as a result of a pinched nerve, trauma, drug side effect, and some diseases such as diabetes. See your physician.
Possibly. Blanch, you are 33 years old, which makes some things more likely and some less. There are many types of neuropathies, some from compression/pressure which seems likely here. Less likely are "peripheral neuropathies" which involve all nerves to varying degrees. Usually with one foot numb the cause is compression from ill-fitting socks or shoes. Talk with your doctor, or consider a neurologist.
Difficult to say. This needs to be evaluated medically, although neuropathy is a possible diagnosis, numbness of just one foot may have multiple potential causes including low back issues.