What causes abdominal pain and painful urination?

Could be Cystitis. Cystitis (urinary bladder inflammation/infection) tend to cause abdominal pain (pressure in lower pelvis) and painful urination (dysuria). It is most commonly caused by bacterial infection and then it is referred to as urinary tract infection. Diagnosis can be made by urinalysis and urine culture. Other causes include kidney stones, urethritis, sexually transmitted diseases and drugs/irritants.

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What can cause this upper abdominal pain and a hole in the bladder with painful urination?

Not Sure of Your ?? Upper abdominal pain can be caused by many illnesses of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum (small intestine), liver, gallbladder, & pancreas. Only a doctor can investigate the cause and will ask what brings it on, makes it better/worse, how long it lasts, and any other associated symptoms. I don't know what "a hole in the bladder" means; but painful urination could =infection. Please get checked! Read more...

Been having intense lower abdominal pain and extreme bloating. Painful urination, sexual activity and no period for two months. Not pregnant.?

Many possibilities.. That is quite a number of worrisome symptoms. If you are having intercourse, have missed your period and are having abdominal pain, pain with urination, and pain with intercourse, you need to be seen by your Gyn. There a number of possibilities and some of them are serious. For example, an infection in the uterus, bladder or abdomen or an ectopic pregnancy. You need to have this checked out. Read more...