Is there a recommended food or drink to reduce cigarette cravings when quitting? What else can I do to assure a successful attempt? Thanks

Go for it! There are no studies about certain food or drinks. Successful treatment will be based on how addicted you are. For example if you need your first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking you may need a combination of nicotine replacement (patch, lozenge, or gum) and medication. Medication could be something like Chantix or bupropion. See your doc.
Find a substitute... ...Habit. In addition to dealing with the withdrawal from nicotine (addiction), you have to defeat the habit. Having a lit cig in your hands is as natural as breathing for many smokers. Study your habit. What makes you light up? What cues do you associate with smoking? Avoid these situations and cues. Create a new healthy habit instead. For example take a walk after a meal instead of lighting up.