Can't sleep at night hardly get 3 hours, in the morning I am not exhausted and carry out my chores, can you recommend some vitamins please?

Sleep vitamins. If you mean natural means to assist sleep, consider melatonin (3-9mg) first. Some have gotten relief with valerian root and 5 htp. These are not without side effects or interactions, so be careful. In addition not all lots or manufacturers are the same. Find a reputable brand. The cause of your sleep problem would be most important to know -> what studies indicated, consultations, or meds to use.
Insomnia. First, i would encourage you to practice a health sleep hygiene schedule. This means finding the same time to sleep most nights (10 or 10:30). Make sure you don't fall asleep totv or radio. Make sure you are brushed and done with toileting. Make yourself comfy and start a "to-do" list. Sometimes transferring your thoughts or things to do for the next day or week helps you. Over time, it works!