Does metro health express care see patients for yeast infections?

Call them. Most urgent care/health express clinics will see patients for yeast infections. You could call and ask them before hand, just in case.
Probably. As dr chappel reports, most do. Why not call and ask.Even more important, why not call your pcp.

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How often do you see male patients with yeast infections and what are the symptoms that they have?

Sxs. I'm a shrink now, so i don't see any. I used to treat men when i was a submarine medical officer and this was something i did not see much of. Men with yeast infections may have burning or itching at the urethra (hole in the penis). There may be a red rash as well. Read more...

What does it mean for a sick patient to have a yeast infection in the blood?

Can be bad. Our bodies can usually defeat yeast (fungi) so it doesn't cause internal infection.When fungus shows up in blood it is often a bad sign suggestive of immune system failure. Read more...

As a concerned patient I need to know how do you know when you have a yeast infection?

Culture proves it . But usually the yeast infection can be easily identified by itching , redness , discagrge and/or burning of the genital area. Read more...