I have been separated and under treatment of shared psychotic disorder and religious type delusion. Would mindfulness cbt meditation/religious origin make separation less painful?

Worth a try. Mindfulness cbt meditation is an effective approach for coping with stressful situations & is likely to be of some help. For your ptsd you might try emotional freedom technique (see http://www.Eftuniverse.Com/ & https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=6i33v2ecvly ). Neither of these are substitutes for other medical treatment & counseling but may be very useful adjuncts. Blessings to you & your spouse.
Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgment. It doesn't require religious affiliation, although there are meditative/contemplative practices in all major religions. It allows for open-heartedness towards one's self and others, which increases compassion & cuts down on defensiveness and suffering. Next steps in relationship can go from there.
Obtain help from a. Close and trusted family member and friend to help you emotionally and psychologically as you weather the storm in life. Talk to a pastor or chaplain to get u grounded and help u understand the reality about your religious beliefs. Follow up with your psychiatrist.Get enough sleep and find meaning in your life. Take care and god bless u!