In some panick attacks I feel like I could hurt my loved ones. I've never hurt someone in my whole life. Is it normal? Can I return to normality?

Rule Out OCD/Other. ... Possibilities: if you are having recurring, distressing thoughts about hurting people you love, you might want to see an anxiety expert who can better explore your what's happening for you. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is worth ruling out.
Panic/Depression. The "purpose" of panic attacks is to not think about something real but upsetting. To do this you substitute something unreal but even more upsetting. Worrying about hurting a loved one is just perfect to distract you from everything else. However, this does not sound like fun, so seeking insight-oriented psychotherapy is a really good idea to find out what is under the surface.
Panic. Medications can help but it is best to get in and see a psychiatrist to make sure it is just panic attacks.