What could cause a high calcium&magnesium level in blood tests since my diet is extremly poor? And I have all the magnesium deficiency symptoms.

RBC. The best test for magnesium deficiency is an RBC magnesium level, not a serum. If you are low in magnesium, your body will pull what it needs from your bones and tissues. See a doctor to make sure nothing is seriously wrong, improve your diet, and consider supplementing with magnesium and K2. More info here: drfairchild.blogspot.com .
Rule out... There are many possibilities, but if the calcium is really high, you have a parathyroid adenoma until proved otherwise and this may be the real reason for your longstanding poor health. This needs to be addressed or it will kill you. Forgive my frankness. As much as we'd like to help, the healthtap team is no substitute. If need be, get a 2nd opinion from a physician who you really trust.

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What causes high levels of calcium and magnesium in blood tests since I have a very poor diet? I also have all the magnesium deficiency symptoms

Multiple causes. Overactivity of parathyroid gland, chronic kidney disease, some medicines and some tumors can cause high calcium and magnesium levels. Some blood disorders are also associated with hypermagnesemia. Read more...