I have taken a statin for 20 years. In the last year, zocor (simvastatin) caused severe muscle cramps. Now lovastatin does too. What alternative to stations?

Statin Alternatives. This is one of the most common issues that come up in my practice. Before changing any statin drugs - it is imperative to know why you are on them. However, there are other drugs choices available - namely Zetia (ezetimibe) - and niacin. Some non-medical alternatives i often discuss with my patients are exercise as well as the use of soluble fiber such as oatmeal and Metamucil on a daily basis.
No good alternative. If you have been on statins for 20 years and had problems only with a change or have you remained on the same statin? Usually if the same statin since 20 years have gone by perhaps other medications have been added or perhaps liver problems now? Need to ask you dr if any new drug interactions could cause this and adjust your dose.