Ketones 1+ abnorma, occult blood 1+ abnormal, RBC 4-10 abnormal. What does this mean in my urinalysis?

Recheck. Ketones can be due to fasting or a low carb diet. The blood is definitely abnormal, but can be from multiple sources including menstruation. Best to have a collection done through a catheter by a nurse at your doctors office. If there is still blood you need to see a urologist, could be bladder or kidney disease.
You need follow up. It means you need to make an appointment with your doctor to follow up on your urinalysis as you have few red dlood cells in your urine and acetone 1plus may be due to fasting.We need complete urine test including specific gravity, glucose, white blood cells and nitrite test to give our opinion.Follow up with your doctor for small amount of blood and rbcs.