What are some possible things that can cause vomitting, coughing up blood and random blackouts?

See doc today.... You need to be seen today asap! these symptoms are very worrisome. If you have been forcefully vomiting, you may have a tear somewhere (possibly esophagus) causing the bleeding. Depending on the amount of bleeding, you may be anemic leading to passing out. Or, there could be a different scenario but, regardless of exact diagnosis, these symptoms are serious. Go to the er today! good luck!
Vomit Blood & Faint. These are serious symptoms that demand urgent attention and should be attended to immediately in an er or by your primary care physician. There are several conditions but hematemis (bloody vomit) is a sign that warrants emergency evaluation. Ulcers or esophagitis come to mind but several other etiologies such as vascular malformations or tumors may also be responsible.