I have hyponatremia, low chloride and high TSH 12.8. Sodium went to 116. Many hospitalizations. Take 10 1gr sodium tabs. Fluid res?

Low sodium. You need to see an endocrinologist (ea) as soon as possible. You are hypothyroid (h) with your high tsh. That could be one cause of your low sodium (ls). Ls is a life-threatening situation. See an e, get your h treated with medicine and you may stop the need for your sodium pills and avoid future hospitalizations. You will also begin to feel better.
Seems serious . Usually we get very concerned about a sodium less than 120. There is a high chance for you to have a seizure at levels around 110-115 or lower. Yes, normally admitted patients with that level are initially fluid restricted to 1l free water per 24 hrs. You need to see your doc on this one as it could be caused by medicines or other things. Don't blow this one off ! see an internist or family doc !