I have a bump inside my lower right lip. I've heard that it can be a mucocele but mine is colored clear is it still a mucocele?

Is? can be. I can't tell you for sure what it is without actually seeing it, but many mucoceles can have a clear liquid. If you still have it or it reoccurs you should have a dentist check it out. There are other possible lesions that might appear similar and even some mucoceles need treatment other than just "popping" it.
Clear as day. Mucocele is a mucus-containing cyst that occurs in the salivary-gland bearing areas of the oral mucosa.It has a transparent bluish appearance .If it ruptures and clear fluid comes out than it is a mucocele.
Could be. The mucocele can vary in color. I would not rule yours out. A typical mucocele is purple/blue in color. It is caused by trauma to the slivary glands in the lip. It can come and go or stay. Upon removal we always send out for a biopsy. I recommend a consult with your dentist to give you treatment options.