Should I have an afib ablation?

Hypothetically... Let's make assumptions: you're 36, presumably healthy without other major med problems and you have already failed a trial of 1 or more drugs. You only have afib sometimes. Fine, here's the breakdown. Chance of cure on 1st procedure: 50%. Chance of cure after 2nd procedure: 70%. Recovery time: short. Risk of major complications, ~4% including 1:250-500 of stroke. Pick your ep doc well.
Ablation afib. it is a complicated decision.; have your doc explain you pluses and minuses of having an ablation for your specific status/
Atrial fibrillation. If you want to avoid the necessity of constant blood testing and/or of taking blood thinners, ablating the abnormal electrical pathway in atrial fibrillation is the optimal fix it once and be done with it strategy for this condition.
Maybe. This is a decision that is best made with the advise of a cardiac electrphysiology specialist. If proper testing indicates that your arrythmia is due a small and localized area of abnormal heart cells, than you could be a candidate for the proceedure. Paroxismal afib is probably more likely to meet the criteria for successful treatment. Chronic afib is less likely to respond.